Service for Agent

Chip n Pin

ACEL offers its associated sub-agents with a unique facility by providing “Chip n Pin” terminals for executing a transaction more swift and efficient. 

Features : 

  • The Fastest way to facilitate Card Payments.
  • Convenient to Serve Customer in Busy Hours.
  • Easy, Fast & Reliable.
  • Small and light for even smallest Counter Space.
  • Safe & Secure Card Reader.
  • Built-in Printer Facilit
  • Instant Payment Processing
    • Higher Payment Thresholds for Customer
    • No Deposit Required on Bank
    • No Sending limits for Agents on Terminal
    • Only VISA & Master cards are allowed for transactions
    • Auto Deposit Claim on Agent Portal
    • Separately Assigned Instant Customer Support
    • GPRS: General Pack Radio Service Facility for Auto transmission of payment from terminal to Bank.