General Question

1. Why ACE Money Transfer?

• Be a part of a worldwide network of business, servicing lots of customers annually

• Advertising and marketing support to attract customers and grow your money transfer business

• 24/7 Operations 

• More variety of payment Methods & additional services to Support customer loyalty

• Fast and secure remittance 

• A source of profit that will increase and balance your current business.

2. How long does it take to become Money Transfer Agent?

Becoming an agent, from UK, it takes 3 weeks on average. From other corridors it takes 40 days. After a quick and easy registration process, you will need to get a computer and put up advertising material,

which will be provided by us, we will provide all the training and support necessary, free of charge. Contact a sales representative and in no time you can be an Agent.

3. What will it cost me?

Other than UK its cost Nothing. There are no startup fees except UK. There is no inventory and no fee for training. Everything you need, including world-class customer support, plus the benefits of ACE Money Transfer promotional

advertising posters and flyers, is supplied to you at no cost. In UK you need to pay MLR Fee (HMRC collect annual Money Laundering Regulatory Registration Fee) 130 Yearly & 65 Pounds for Half year.

4. What is MLR and why your company charges this fee, while other companies don’t?

HMRC collect annual Money Laundering Regulatory Registration Fee (MLR Fee) from all the bureau de change, money transmitters and third party cheque cashers working in UK. It is a mandatory requirement by HMRC and penalize if not paid to HMRC. Every company have their own Policies & strategies As per our company policy, we take the MLR fee in advance from the applicant, while other companies may or may not charge this fee without informing their agents.

5. What do I need to become ACE Money Transfer Agent?

After getting registered with us, to become an agent you just need a computer, an internet connection, a scanner and a printer. We will provide all the training and support necessary.

6. How can I make money with ACE Money Transfer?

In an increasingly competitive market our great prices and exchange rates with SPECIAL OFFERS are attractive. We pay on the transactions basis to our agent’s good commissions. Simply our attractive prices will bring you more customers and revenue to Agents Business.

7. How Can I apply to become a ACE Money transfer Agent?

Just fill the form & our dedicated sale representative will call you in shortly. You may call on Out no +441614140101 Let Us be your Partner in generating Revenue opportunities.

8. How do I get started?

 the below mentioned steps of getting started business with Ace Money Transfer.
• Provide all the required Documents to Process Application.
• Once your application has been reviewed and approved from FCA, sales support representative will be in touch for Further processing 
• After signing Agreement, Compliance & System Training to create transactions will be arranged 
• You'll have a reliable customer support team available to you and your customers day and night, seven days a week.
• When you will be in business with ACE Money Transfer as authorized agent, advertising posters and flyers will be supplied to you at no cost.

9. What about other companies who offer high commission rates?

May be some local companies offer slightly higher commissions, it is usually due to the fact that their Agents don’t have much business volume & more payout corridors like ACE Money Transfer with the same customer services and promotional support.

10. Can I start working from my Home?

We strongly urge our applicants to operate from a commercial business point. We do not encourage doing business from home for certain reasons.

11. How will I get training, after activation as your agent?

We will provide you System Training via SKYPE or PHONE CALL. Training session lasts until you will be satisfied and be able to create transactions easily.

12. What will I get after activation?

“LOGIN CREDENTIALS” of your account will be provided to you, once your account is created. Please find that we do not provide separate software for creating transaction. Your Account will be created on our Website ( After activation a WELCOME PACK shall be delivered to your Trading Address via courier. This welcome pack includes our company merchandize and branding material.

13. How can I change my password?

You can change your password by providing current password, simply go to privacy setting and click change password. In case if you have forgot your password you can use the forgot your password feature which sends an email to your registered email address with the password reset link.

14. How can I re-generate my Pin Code?

You can re-generate your Pin Code at any time, simply go to privacy settings in the agent portal and click Re-Generate Pin Code.

15.In which bank Account I need to deposit Money?


Sr. Country Bank Detail Account Details
1. Itlay Banca Popolare di Milano (BPM) IT77A0558433360000000001231
Banca Monte dei Paschi di IT14P0103033841000001281624
Post Bank Italian IT28E0760103200001005989908
2. Germany NBP DE65501300000089924001
JNFX NL57INGB0007180292
3. Spain BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA, (BBVA) 0182 4212 19 0202287204
Iber Caja 2085-8229-91-0330137624
4. France BANQUE POPULAIRE REVISE DI PARIS FR7610207003182121895112818
5. Greece National Bank of Greece 61447097132
6. Netherlands ING BANK NL98INGB0006083551
ING BANK NL49INGB0007419250
7. Canada Royal Bank Of Canada 08112-1010149