Home Remittance

Cash Pick Up

Cash Pick up facilitates the beneficiary to collect the home remittance in “Cash” form over the counter within 24 hours. ACEL has extensive pay-out network in more than 70 countries across UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East. 
ACEL also offers beneficiaries with “Group Pin” in many countries to collect their funds immediately from an alternate group location, if they are unable to collect funds from one location. 

Features : 

  • 24 Hours Collection
  • Wide range of Pay-out Network
  • Unique Group Pin Facility
  • Flexible Pay-out Timings
  • SMS Alerts
  • Dedicated Customer Support 24/7



Direct Bank Deposit

ACEL offers the facility to send money to beneficiaries directly into their bank accounts through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), which allows beneficiary’s account to be credited within 3-4 hours.
Our wide range of pay-out network further provides the ease to choose any commercial bank in the beneficiary’s country with unmatched value! 

Features : 

  • Availability of all Commercial Banks
  • Wide range of Pay-out Network
  • RTGS Facility
  • Instant Bank Deposit within 3-4 Hours
  • SMS Alerts
  • Dedicated Customer Support 24/7



ACE Europe

ACE Europe is a unique service, which allows remitters to send money instantly within UK & EEA states while using our wide range of associated agents both for “Sending & Receiving”. 

Features : 

  • Instant SMS Alerts for Exact Pay-out Location
  • Strong Follow up Calls
  • Special Team for ACE Europe
  • Extensive Agents Network
  • Easy access to Pay-out locations
  • Dedicated Customer Support 24/7 



ACE Remit

No need to carry cash anymore. Simply bring in your debit card and send money wherever you desire!
It is easier than ever to transfer money through ACE Remit service, in which we give freedom to our customers and agents to make secure transactions through Debit Card. 

Features : 

  • Higher Customer Rate / Low Fees
  • No Need to Carry Cash
  • No Deposit Required on Bank
  • Instant Payment Processing
  • Separately Assigned Instant Customer Support
  • Secure & Reliable
  • No Theft Risk
  • SMS Alerts for Beneficiaries