Aftab Ashraf


Mr.Aftab Ashraf Success story has been his deep commitment towards his community, the people he grew up with and understanding needs of the diaspora within the UK along with his humanitarian nature to help those less fortunate than himself though his community projects.

Highly knowledgeable, creative and result-oriented businessman with huge background with in currency exchange and travel business in the UK and Pakistan as part of the family business working his way up within his father’s business which was a prominent money exchange, remittance and travel business.

The family has a long history and Aftab Currency Exchange adds to the story of successful Money exchange and transfer business within the family. Mr Ashraf father started a small business which has grown to be one of the largest Pakistan Remittance Partners since it began back in 1966.

Mr Ashraf after learning the business from the bottom up starting as a cashier, and working his way up in preparation for the time that he would assume control over the business from his father, by 1992. Mr Ashraf was appointed CEO and took over from his father and now provides the direction.

Mr Ashraf commitment to providing excellence and improving the services whilst the business continues to evolve and grow maintaining the highest standards within the business concepts and organizational evolution setting the benchmark for others in the Pakistan and UK payment services market and has now moved its aims to achieve the same level of excellence across the globe.

Mr Ashraf’s strong ability in establishing and maintaining positive business relationships, spanning more than twenty years as the businesses head managing the restructuring and enhancing the business target market, HR management, training and resource development and motivation skills.

His highly targeted skills for determining, developing and securing funding for projects and growth are the key for the success of Aftab Currency Exchange.

This result came from our clear vision to stay at fair, transparent, customer oriented, fast, and reliable position.