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Everything to know about Digital Wallet Services in Pakistan

Everything to know about Digital Wallet Services in Pakistan

11 May 2022

Mobile wallets (or e-wallets) have made it pretty easy to receive money without visiting a bank or cash pick-up location. Pakistan is one of the leading remittance-receiving countries where millions use these wallets. With several popular mobile wallet providers available, it is now more convenient to send money to Pakistan and let the beneficiaries receive funds instantly. Continue reading to discover the top mobile wallets in Pakistan for receiving foreign remittances.

The number of registered mobile wallets in Pakistan 

Over 175 million people were using mobile wallets in Pakistan in 2020, according to Statista. Such a massive number of users show that most people prefer using wallets over banks or cash pickup options. Mobile wallets are handy and offer multiple online payment features, including:  

  • Debit Cards and Credit Cards
  • Receiving Remittances
  • Boarding Passes
  • Tickets to Several Events
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Mobile Top Up 


Top Digital Mobile Wallets to Send International Remittances to Pakistan with ACE Money Transfer

Customers have the ease of choosing from several digital mobile wallets available in Pakistan according to their needs. Let's have a quick overview of some of Pakistan's most used mobile wallets for receiving remittances.


1 - EasyPaisa - The Most Used Digital Mobile Wallet in Pakistan


'EasyPaisa' is powered by Telenor Microfinance Bank and was introduced in the market in 2009. No doubt, the era of digital mobile payments has significantly improved with the introduction of EasyPaisa. With 25 million registered wallets, over 8 million active users every month, and 170,000 registered agents, EasyPaisa proves to be a popular mobile wallet for Pakistanis. Overseas expats can transfer funds to Pakistan directly into EasyPaisa accounts of beneficiaries via ACE Money Transfer.  


EasyPaisa comes with various service features that help millions of customers with their financial needs. A few of these advanced features include:

  • Facility to transfer funds to any bank in Pakistan
  • Cash withdrawals through ATM cards
  • Payment of Telenor Persona Bills
  • Mobile Top Up (Mobile Easyload)
  • Receiving International Remittances from abroad


How to Sign Up on EasyPaisa?

Signing up on EasyPaisa is seamless and convenient. You can directly download the mobile app from Google Play Store and App Store or go to the EasyPaisa official website and click on “Create an Account”. You’ll be directed to the following one-time registration procedure with the EasyPaisa application.

  • Open the EasyPaisa app after completing the installation
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter your CNIC with its issuance date in the required section
  • Enter your city name and click on “Submit”.
  • After completing these steps, you’ll be required to create a unique PIN Code.
  • To verify it, you’ll need to enter and re-enter your desired PIN Code.
  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your EasyPaisa account.


How to Download the EasyPaisa Mobile App?

Downloading and installing the EasyPaisa mobile application is as simple as ABC. You just need to go to the Google Play Store or App Store and type “EasyPaisa” in the search section. It will show you different results with the EasyPaisa app on the top. After clicking on it, you’ll see the app installation page, where you’ll need to click on the “Install” button. Your EasyPaisa app will be installed on your smartphone in less than a minute.


You can download the EasyPaisa App from Google Play Store or App Store by clicking the following:

EasyPaisa on Google Play Store

EasyPaisa on App Store


How can an expat send money to EasyPaisa through ACE Money Transfer?

The funds' transfer process to a digital mobile wallet (EasyPaisa) is considerably simple yet effective. Just like any other regular bank transfer, the sender needs to perform the following easy steps to send money to Pakistan online into the EasyPaisa account through ACE:

  • Log in to your ACE account on the website or open ACE Mobile App.
  • Select the Sending Country (your country of residence).
  • Select the Target Country as Pakistan.
  • Select “Wallet” as your payment method.
  • Click on “Proceed with Sending Money”.
  • Enter the beneficiary's details
  • Enter transfer amount
  • Here you go! You’ve made your desired money transfer to EasyPaisa.


That's it! Sending international remittances to Pakistan is no big deal with EasyPaisa. So start making secure & swift cross-border payments with ACE & EasyPaisa and explore the luxury of international transfers.


2 - JazzCash - One of the Leading Mobile Wallets

JazzCash is a high-profiled mobile wallet offering digital payment and branchless banking services. It was introduced in 2012 as 'Mobicash' and is in partnership with the Mobilink Microfinance Bank. With an approximate share value of 64% in mobile money activity, it is a widely used digital mobile wallet in Pakistan. It has around 100 million registered wallets with over 10 million active users every month.


The prime objective of JazzCash was to streamline the process of instant and secure money transfers. All the Pakistani expats can also benefit from it since ACE Money Transfer partners with JazzCash to help Pakistani expatriates send money online to Pakistan directly into the beneficiaries’ JazzCash accounts.


Following are some of the enhanced features offered by JazzCash that Pakistani expatriates can easily benefit from using ACE’s remittance services:

  • Online Money Transfers
  • Bill Payments
  • Mobile Account Services
  • Mobile Top Up (Mobile Load)


JazzCash also features “Corporate Disbursement Solutions” and “Corporate Collection Solutions” that the customers can utilise, adhering to the terms and conditions applied by Mobilink Microfinance Bank.


How to Sign Up on JazzCash?

JazzCash comes with handy features and an instant registration process. There are three essential methods to register your JazzCash account:

  • The First Method: Jazz and Warid Mobile Network holders may dial the code *786# on their mobile phones and enter their CNIC with its issuance date. After the first step, the user will need to create their MPIN, a secret login password.
  • The Second Method: Visit the nearest JazzCash Agents’ Facility Center, Jazz Franchise, or Jazz Experience Center for your Biometric Verification and opening a JazzCash Account.
  • The Third Method: Download and install the JazzCash Mobile App and perform the simple sign up. Create your MPIN on the mobile app after completing the signup process. 


How to Download the JazzCash Mobile App?

To download and install the JazzCash Mobile Application, you just need to go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search for the app. After finding the right JazzCash app, when you click on “Install”, the app will be installed on your smartphone instantly.


Click the following to download and install your desired JazzCash mobile app for Android and iOS users.

JazzCash for Android

JazzCash for iOS


How can an expat make a money transfer to JazzCash using ACE Money Transfer?

JazzCash offers the convenience to Pakistani diasporas to share funds by using the beneficiary's mobile number as an account number. When you make a money transfer to a digital mobile wallet, you get rid of the worries and unnecessary hustles involved with conventional methods. 


Here’s a simple process to send money to Pakistan into your JazzCash wallet through ACE Money Transfer:

  • Sign up or log in to your ACE account on the website or open ACE Mobile App.
  • Select the Sending Country (your country of residence).
  • Select the Target Country as Pakistan.
  • Select “Wallet” as your payment method.
  • Click on “Proceed with Sending Money”.
  • Enter the beneficiary's details
  • Enter transfer amount
  • Here you go! You’ve made your desired money transfer to JazzCash.


3 - UPaisa - One of the Most Convenient-to-Use Mobile Wallets

UPaisa is yet another widely used digital mobile wallet in Pakistan, introduced for the convenience of money transfers. Whether it's about making a money transfer, bill payment, or mobile top-up, UPaisa offers every digital payment solution. As a joint venture of U Microfinance bank & recognised Ufone telecommunication network, UPaisa came into existence in 2013. 

Any ACE customer across the globe can make a money transfer to Pakistan online through UPaisa at any time of the day to support their families’ financial needs. With UPaisa, one can enjoy the next level mobile banking experience utilising financial services in Pakistan, such as: 

  • Banking services
  • Loan repayments
  • Toll payment
  • School fee payments
  • Prepaid mobile recharge
  • Post-pay bill payment
  • Bill payment
  • Money transfers
  • Debit card
  • Donation


How to Sign Up on UPaisa?

It’s pretty easy to create an account with UPaisa. All you need to do is download, install, and open the UPaisa mobile application on your phone and follow the simple steps defined here:

  • Open the UPaisa Mobile App.
  • Tap on “New User”.
  • On the next screen, enter your mobile number.
  • Next, only enter the CNIC issuance date if you are a Ufone Customer. Having any other network than Ufone, you will need to enter your CNIC and its issuance date.
  • Moving forward, select your place of birth and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  • Wait for OTP to be received via SMS on your phone number.
  • Create your 4-digit MPIN on the next screen and tap on “Submit”.
  • You’ve successfully created your UPaisa Wallet Account.


How to Download the UPaisa Mobile App?

You can install the UPaisa Mobile Application instantly by going to the Google Play Store directly or clicking the Play Store or App Store button on the UPaisa website. 


You can also download the app for your Android or iOS smartphone here:

UPaisa for Android

UPaisa for iOS


How to make a money transfer to Pakistan into UPaisa Wallet through ACE Money Transfer? 

Like other wallets, it’s simple, fast, and convenient to send money to Pakistan into UPaisa through ACE Money Transfer. All you need is the mobile number of the recipient to make hassle-free and instant money transfers. Just enter the beneficiary's mobile number and the desired amount to transfer. ACE's online portal and mobile application can help you perform all these easy steps with mere clicks.


Here are the steps you’ll go through while making the desired funds transfer to Pakistan through ACE into UPaisa:

  • Sign up or log in to your ACE account on the website or open ACE Mobile App.
  • Select the Sending Country (your country of residence).
  • Select the Target Country as Pakistan.
  • Select “Wallet” as your payment method.
  • Click on “Proceed with Sending Money”.
  • Enter the beneficiary's details
  • Enter transfer amount


Here you go! You’ve made your desired money transfer to UPaisa.


4 - SadaPay - An Exclusive Payment Solution in Pakistan

Like any other digital mobile wallet service in Pakistan, SadaPay is also a convenient digital payment gateway. It can help individuals with quick and secure online business payments in freelancing, eCommerce, bill payments, etc. Whether it's about cash withdrawal, funds transfer, or buying a favourite subscription, everything has become way easier with SadaPay. 


Pakistani expats can benefit from SadaPay’s payment solutions since ACE Money Transfer has added this exclusive wallet to its network. All the Pakistani expatriates looking to find the best way to send money to Pakistan can choose their desired method on ACE’s digital mobile wallet list, where SadaPay is quite a workable option.


SadaPay offers several payment solutions to valued customers to solve their financial concerns. Here are a few of these service features:

  • Free Debit Card 
  • Digital Wallet 
  • Facility to Shop Online
  • Fund Transfer
  • Bill Payment 
  • Free Cash Withdrawals at any ATM in Pakistan 


How to Sign Up for SadaPay Money Transfer Service?

Registering an account on SadaPay doesn’t take any longer than 3 minutes. You just need a few things to create your account for free with SadaPay. Follow the simple steps as defined here:

  • Go to the SadaPay website, sign up, or open the mobile app.
  • Click on the “Signup Now” button.
  • Enter your basic information, such as the first name, last name, and other relevant details that the form requires throughout the process.
  • Provide your Fresh Selfie.
  • Submit the picture of your CNIC.
  • Complete the sign up by setting up your password.


How to Download the SadaPay Mobile App?

SadaPay mobile application is also readily available on the Google Play Store and App Store. You can access it easily here as well:

SadaPay for Android

SadaPay for iOS


How to send money to SadaPay?

People can send money directly to the SadaPay account holder like any other bank transfer for free. The process is quite simple; you just need to:

  • Login to the ACE mobile application or ACE online portal.
  • Select “Wallet” as your payment method.
  • Fill up the beneficiary’s information with the desired amount
  • Here you go! You’ve made a hassle-free money transfer to SadaPay using ACE Money Transfer.


It has never been so easier to manage international remittances with old methods. But now, it has become a piece of cake for every expat out there in the world to transfer funds cross-borders using digital payment solutions. ACE has many digital mobile wallet services on its list in Pakistan. Therefore, expats can transfer funds to Pakistan directly into the mobile wallets of beneficiaries in the country. All one needs is to create a free account on the official ACE Money Transfer portal or mobile application & start sharing happiness with their loved ones. 


Freedom of International Money Transfer with ACE

ACE Money Transfer has added the top popular digital wallets in Pakistan to its list, and international money transfers for expatriates have become a lot easier. It's finally time to take control of your upcoming funds' transfer to Pakistan and unleash the full potential of international transactions with ACE. 

If you haven't already joined ACE, sign up on ACE Money Transfer’s website or mobile application today and explore the safe & swift international payments journey. When you are sending money to Pakistan from different countries to support your family, you enjoy the best exchange rates, the lowest transfer fees, the most secure and swift transactions, and various prizes and rewards through promotions and exciting offers by ACE Money Transfer.

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